Are You Preparing to Install Utility Lines?

Look to us for water line trenching and more in or around Belgrade, MT

You don't want to start your water line installation unless you have the proper trenches in place. Speak to the pros at Cornerstone Excavation when you need water line trenching or other utility line trenching services anywhere within 20 miles of Belgrade, MT. We'll work with your local utility department to make sure you receive accurate work. You're sure to be impressed by our high-quality work.

Call us to request your utility trenching and installation services. We'll schedule a time to provide you with an estimate in person.

We've got your back

Whether you need trenching for a water line or sewer line, you won't regret choosing Cornerstone Excavation for the job. Clients reach out to us when they're ready to install...

  • Water lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Septic lines

Our team will complete any connections to your municipal lines. On top of trenching for your water line installation, we can also provide electrical layering.

Do you have additional questions about our utility line work? Reach out to our office in Belgrade, MT to speak to a team member.